About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog! My names Abbie and I live in a sweet little corner of the U.K. called Devon. I’m 19 years old and I’ve spent the last 2 years of my life studying art and design, so I’d one day love to pursue a career in the creative industry, but in the meantime I spend my working life slaving away in retail. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time working on my blog, whether that’s working on a post or scrolling through my twitter, blogging has become a bit of a serious hobby for me!

About the Blog

If you’re after drugstore makeup reviews, affordable beauty, or just a chat then you’re in the right place! I did start off blogging about anything and everything but I’ve narrowed my niche down to ‘MUA on a budget’, so you know what to expect when you come to my blog, or if you need to know about the best drugstore products out there then you know where to look! I named my blog Small Beauty after my nickname given to me by my boyfriend; Small, and I knew I wanted to write about beauty, hence the Beauty half of the name! I’d love to have you here, so if you like what you read then be sure to subscribe!

~Small Beauty

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