Full Face of NEW MAKEUP *haul*

Hello, I hope everyone’s had a great week! I got paid at the beginning of the week and I just couldn’t stop myself from going on a shopping spree, so naturally I bought a lot of new makeup. I had my makeup done earlier in the week by one of the lovely Benefit girls in my local Boots store so this haul will include a few bits from Benefit too.

~Benefit – Hello Happy foundation: £25.50~

Starting with the most expensive item in this post is Benefit’s newest foundation, I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram lately and I was just instantly drawn to the pretty packaging, it’s so simple and cute, I love it! If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you’ll know I’m a real fan of NYX’s Stay Matte foundation, but I’ve been using it for so long now and I like to change it up after a while. I was after something a bit lighter in coverage since NYX’s foundation is more of a medium to full coverage. I’ve been using the Hello Happy foundation for a few days now and I’m really liking it, it’s very light converge which is exactly what I was looking for for the summer months, but it’s still buildable for the days where I need a little extra cover. I’m using this in shade 2 and it’s a great match for my skin tone, I think this will be a new summer favourite for me, it’s breathable, lightweight, and it’s SPF 15 so it protects my skin in this beautiful weather too!

~Benefit – Minis: 3 for £25~

I walk past the little Benefit minis stand almost everyday when I pop into boots to get my lunch, and every time I think ‘I have to try that deal one day’ so I thought payday would be the perfect opportunity to finally buy those minis, especially since I’d just tried out quite a lot of their products.

-Precisely My Brow

I’ve never really been into eyebrows, mine are quite thick so I don’t really have to fill them in, but I see a lot of nice looking eyebrows on Pinterest and other social media which has made me want to try it out for myself. I picked up their Precisely My Brow pencil over all their other brow products because this is the one they tried out for me and it’s just the kind of thing I wanted, a nice fine pencil just to add a little bit of definition to my brows when I want it. I use this in shade 3.

-Galifornia Blush

I don’t really have a favourite blush at the moment and I don’t always wear it, so I just fancied something that I could go to when I need to add a quick bit of colour to my cheeks, I chose this shade because I think the peachy colour looks so lovely and sunkissed in the summer, and the actual product smells so sweet and nice, so I can’t wait to wear this one all summer long! Their makeup artist used the new Gold Rush blush on me, which looked equally as beautiful, but I didn’t want to go for a shimmery blush in case it clashed too much with my highlight.

-Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

This is another product I tried out earlier in the week and I actually loved this instantly, as soon as it went on my skin it felt so soothing and refreshing and left my skin tone pretty even afterwards. I know this one isn’t really a makeup product but I really love my skincare, this one is meant to be applied in the morning which is mainly why I picked it up, even though I own a lot of face creams they’re all supposed to be used at night, so it’s great to now have one for the morning too. The only thing I would say about this though is that it’s in a glass bottle which makes it almost impossible to get the right amount out, but it does look pretty.

~Revolution – Conceal & Define Concealer: £4~

This is one I wrote about in my Top 5 Under £10 post, I had just run out so I needed to stock up, I still didn’t manage to get hold of the lightest shade, C1, but I usually use C2 anyway, so this concealer is clearly still very popular! I won’t go on too much as I wrote about it in my previous post, but if you want to know more then head over to my last post for more of an in depth review!

~I Heart Revolution – Goddess of Love Highlighter: £6.50~

I’ve heard so many good reviews about this highlighter and since I don’t actually own a highlighter other than the ones I’ve received in my Birchbox’s I had to give this one a try! I’m not much of a highlighter girl, I know a lot of people love it but I never really got into it when the trend took off, and I definitely wasn’t a fan of the OTT look. I tend to be quite fussy with highlights too, I’ve swatched so many in stores but I always find a lot of them to be too glittery whereas I wanted more of a glow. I have tried a friends Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish which was so pretty, and no glitter at all! The only thing I didn’t like about it was the price, I think £25.50 for a highlighter is a bit steep, which is why I went for the I Heart Revolution one instead. I’m already a big fan of this brand after trying a few of their eyeshadow palettes, so I was pretty confident with this purchase! I have used it a few times since buying it and I’m really loving it so far, it has a slight pink undertone and it’s not glittery, so it’s safe to say this one was totally worth the try!

~Revolution – Soph’s Extra Spice Palette: £10~

One of my most popular posts is the Soph x Revolution original palette review, and as I said in that post; I had to buy her new one! I really loved her first palette, the colours were so pigmented and they lasted all day, so I’m expecting the same from this one! It was the bright, warm tones that first drew me to this palette, I’m in love with the shade LA Sun at the moment so I’m hoping to create lots of summery looks with these eyeshadows. I’ve only used it once since buying it so I haven’t got a good gauge of how well I’m going to get on with this palette, but I’m confident I’m going to love it as much as the last one. If you’d like me to review this palette for next week I’d be more than happy dedicate a post to it!

Better Than Sex mini compared to Better Than Sex waterproof

~Too Faced – Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara: £19~

I’ve loved the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara for a long time now, but it has been a while since I’d last treated myself to one. I usually go for the normal version, but since summer is here and it’s finally hotting up in the UK I thought it would be wise to go for their waterproof one. Wearing it around yesterday I did notice a little bit of transfer to my top lid which isn’t what I’d expect from a higher end mascara, but boy was it hard to get off my lashes! I was feeling pretty lazy so I just wanted to remove my makeup using micellar water rather than cleansing my face, but this mascara wasn’t having any of it! I think that’s a pretty good sign but it’s a bit annoying when I just want it to come off!

I know for a budget beauty blog some of these items were a little more on the expensive side, but I just like to treat myself now and then and the foundation is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while! High end products aside, there are some great drugstore products here that I’ll be definitely getting a lot of use out of, and I think I’ve finally found a new love for highlights! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s little haul, I’ve loved trying out all these products this week and I can’t wait to create some summer appropriate looks with the Soph x Revolution Extra Spice palette! Thanks for making it to the end of my relatively long makeup haul, and if you like what you read then be sure to subscribe, I’d love for you to join the team!

~Small Beauty

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  1. You got some really good products, love the better than sex mascara!

    1. Me too!! Definitely an all time favourite💕

  2. I really want to try the benefit foundation! xx

    1. Yes! I was so keen when it came out, it’s very lightweight, so great for summer! 🌸

  3. I really want to get the revolution palette

    1. It’s such good quality and a great price too! I’ll be reviewing it this week if you fancied hearing about it a little more 💕

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