Top 5 Makeup Products Under £10

Good evening! I hope everyone’s had a great week! In today’s post I’ve collected together a few of my favourite drugstore products, each of them under £10, so everyone can afford them, even me! A few of these have been featured in my favourite makeup products post, so you know it’s worth the money, and if you’d like a more detailed review of some of these products then I’d recommend you read it!

~Model Co – Contour Stick Mini: £8~

I’m going to list these products from worst to best (not that any of them are bad), so in last place we have the Model Co Contour Stick! I actually received this in one of last years Birchbox’s, and I’ve used it almost every day since. I do really like this product, it blends well and it’s nice and creamy, the one thing I don’t like about it though is the shade, it’s a very warm toned colour and I think I’d prefer a cooler tone one for a more natural look. Other than the colour it’s a good high quality contour stick, and I have this in a mini which is more than enough product for only £8!

~Nyx – Stay Matte Foundation: £6~

This is one of the ones I wrote about in my favourite makeup products post, so you already know it’s good! Out of all the foundations I’ve used (which is many) this one is the best, it has a healthy, dewy finish and I’d say it’s a medium to full coverage. The only thing I would say about it though, is if you have quite typically dry skin then it may not be the best for you, on the days when my skin is a bit dry it does tend to accentuate that area a bit. I won’t say too much about this one as I went into a lot of detail about it in one of my previous posts, but if you’d like to read more about my feelings towards this foundation then you can find that here.

~Primark – Eyeshadow Brushes: £3~

I know this isn’t really a makeup up product, but it is a tool for makeup! I’ve tried A LOT of different brushes, especially for eyeshadows, because the more brushes the better! Mainly because it means I don’t have to clean them as often, but if you’re super into your eyeshadows like I am then it’s great to have a large variety of brushes! Some makeup brushes can be really pricey, my favourite at the moment are Real Techniques, but they tend to be more on the expensive side, so when I’m just shopping for back-up brushes I don’t want to spend a lot of money. This set from Primark only cost around £3 and it includes 4 eyeshadow brushes and a cute little tube to keep them in, which I think is a great extra, especially if you travel a lot! I’ve included these in my Top 5 because I think the quality of them is amazing for the price, they don’t feel too synthetic and they’re really soft and thick which is what I prefer, it picks the product up nicely without creating too much fallout. Some brushes I’ve used in the past have been quite sharp and borderline painful to use, as well and making the eyeshadow powdery! So if you’re looking for some cheap but quality makeup brushes then head to Primark, they come in all sorts of cute colours and designs now too!

~Revolution – Conceal & Define: £4~

If you haven’t already seen or heard about this concealer then I don’t know where you’ve been for the last few months! Revolution released their Conceal and Define concealer at the beginning of this year and everyone fell in love with it instantly! It’s an amazing, if not better, dupe for Tarte’s £22 Shape Tape concealer, which is why I’ve placed it at number 2 in my top 5! Conceal and Define has a large applicator which is great if you want a full coverage concealer to hide those dark circles and imperfections (I know I do!) and it comes in 18 different shades, which for a drugstore brand is pretty impressive. I use shade C2 because it’s been the lightest shade I could get my hands on until now, it is a good match for my skin tone but sometimes I’d like to go a little lighter just to make me look brighter and more awake, so I think I’ll try C1 next time. This product is 100% worth a try, and it’s only £4 so you can’t really go wrong!

~Revolution – Soph Eyeshadow Palette: £10~

Yes, my last post WAS all about this palette, but I just couldn’t leave it out of my top 5! Even though it’s the most expensive product on the list, the quality of it is crazy and I don’t think I’ll be spending £40 on an eyeshadow palette again any time soon! I was so pleasantly surprised when I tried this palette for the first time, I don’t think I could fault it, there was no fallout, it blended well, it lasted all day even without an shadow primer! It’s safe to say I love it and will be using it quite frequently, but I won’t go on about it too much as I did quite a detailed review about it last week, including a look I created with it which you can find here. For only £10 this palette has seriously changed the way I feel about drugstore brands, sorry Too Faced but it looks like you have some competition (deep down you’re still my favourite though!).

So, this concludes my Top 5 Products Under £10, which did you think should have had the top spot? Let me know what drugstore products you’re using at the minute, or if there’s any you’ve had your eye on but would like me to try them first, I’ll be your guinea pig! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and as always, thanks for stopping by!

~Small Beauty

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  1. True, those Primark brushes aren’t bad at all!
    I never liked the MUR conceal and define (unfortunately for my wallet)
    The link to your social media channels are not apparent 🙁

    Love xxx

    1. Aw thanks a shame! I’m really liking that concealer at the moment! My social media links should be at the bottom of the page, but I’ll check now! 💕

      1. Yup, would like to follow you!

        1. Hello! They’re at the bottom of the page at the end of the post 💕

          1. Ah, I had to turn off adblock to see the buttons. Turns out I was already following you everywhere except for Pinterest 🙂

  2. I love Primark brushes, they are so underrated! I have also been currently loving the Revolution concealer, so good and budget friendly! Great post!
    Grace xx

    1. Thanks Grace! They are aren’t they, I think I need more Primark makeup brushes in my life! ✨🌸

  3. Your pictures are so cute! I don’t wear make up, so product wise, I can’t say much but it seemed like you provided a lot of good information for others. Great job!

    1. For some reason WordPress decided not to notify me of you comment until now! But thank you so much, I really appreciate your support and kind comments ☺️💗

  4. I wish that I was makeup savvy! I love reading and finding new things for a good price that work really well! I’m going to have to try the Stay Matte foundation though because I’m always on the search for a good foundation!!!

    1. I do too! And I’d definitely recommend the foundation, it’s such good quality for the price and can easily be picked up in the larger Boots stores!✨

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