Soph x Revolution Honest Review

Hello! Today I’m back with another makeup post, and I’m hoping you all like them because they’re here to stay! If you haven’t already noticed the change in theme then let me tell you, I’m narrowing my niche! As much as I love having a wide range of topics to cover, sometimes I just can’t decide what to write. So, I’m focusing more on what I really love, and since I’m always broke (I have a spending problem) of course, it has to be on a budget! So my new theme will be ‘Makeup Artist on a Budget’ as I am self taught, aspiring makeup artist after all.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Soph x Revolution eye shadow palette, when I picked this one up I did actually think it was the new Extra Spice palette by SophDoesNails, but it turns out she has more than one palette and I got the wrong one (out of two?), so typical of me! But since it’s the first drugstore shadow palette I’ve bought for a while I thought it would still be good to review, and a great way to kick off my budget makeup blog! But if you did want a quick look at what high end products I’ve been loving lately, you can read about them here!

Since I’m so used to using Too Faced eye shadows I wasn’t expecting too much from this one, in the past when I’ve picked up drugstore palettes they haven’t been too pigmented and there’s been quite a lot of fallout from the cheaper ones, so I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first colour I used was ‘Cloudberry’ which is a light peachy orange colour, I was expecting to have to pick up quite a lot of the product, but I only had to dip it in once and it looked SO pigmented on the brush and was just as good on my eyelid! The first thing I loved about this palette was the colours, they’re so bright and beautiful (perfect for this time of year) but there’s a few dark earthy tones in there too that I’m looking forward to using in the autumn.

Swatch of the colours I used for my eye look

So the first look I created was a bright, warm, summery one, unfortunately I don’t have an image to show you as I 100% cannot take a good picture of my eye makeup, so if anyone has any tips for taking a good eyeshadow pic please help. So instead I’ll just talk you through this look. I started with the shade ‘Pancakes’ all over the lid to act as a transition shade, I then went into the inner corner of my eye with ‘Cloudberry’, bringing that in to the middle of my eyelid. I then blended ‘Strawberry Seeds’, which is the bright pink shade, with ‘Cloudberry’ to create a seamless transition. To finish this look I applied ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Festive Flame’ to the outer corner and crease of my eye to deepen the look, as well as using those two shades on my bottom lid.

This was such a quick and easy look to achieve and it’s so effective if you want a pretty, eye catching look for the summer! Looking at the names of the colours I’m guessing this palette was released around autumn last year (sorry I don’t know!) so I’m a little late to the game, but I was honestly blown away by the quality of this palette considering I only paid £10! There was a little bit of fallout on the actual palette when I picked it up with the brush, but once I applied it to my lid there was no fallout at all, which really did surprise me. When trying new eyeshadows I always like to take note of how well they work with a felt tip liner as I always finish off my eye makeup with a cat eye. The NYX Love You So Mochi palette in particular is the only one I’ve found that really doesn’t like the felt liner, I think because the formula of that palette is very creamy so the eye liner just couldn’t sit right. But I’m happy to say the Soph x Revolution palette passed my eye liner test!

To conclude my Soph x Revolution palette review, I am so glad I picked this up, in my opinion the quality is UP THERE with brands like Too Faced and Urban Decay, and the colours are gorgeous, which makes me wonder why I’ve spend hundreds on high end palettes when you get just as much from drugstore products, this has definitely changed me! Now that I’ve changed my blogs focal point, if there are any drugstore products or brands you like to see me try then pop me quick comment and I’ll be straight on it. I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this product and I’ll definitely be buying the Extra Spice palette as soon as I can get hold of it (I haven’t been able to find it in stores), thanks for tuning into my blog as always and I’ll be back next week with a new makeup topic for you!✨

~Small Beauty

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  1. That’s awesome. I’ve seen so many good reviews on this palette. I might need to buy it. And I’m always broke too. There are so many cute things out there!

    1. It’s definitely worth the money though!! I’m loving it so far!💕

  2. It’s amazing isn’t it!!

    1. Definitely buying the Extra Spice one!

  3. I love this palette so much! I love to see how other people use the shades, my favourite shade has to be pumpkin! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new extra spice palette

    Rebecca |

    1. Me too! I’m really loving to bright colour at the moment, and I’ll definitely be getting the new palette too💖

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